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| 30/12/2021

Company I GRUPO314: present and future challenges


We are leaving behind the year in which our firm has consolidated its presence in the online world through the launch of its website, a fundamental and basic pillar of communication with customers, suppliers and partners.

The increase in technical and audiovisual content on the website, combined with the development of new professional, technical and social networks, will be the path to follow for this new year.  And the fact is that, at our firm, we maintain the same premise and hallmark in everything we do: "taking care of the small details".

From the financial point of view, the economic strengthening caused by the increase in orders, their satisfactory delivery, expansion and opening up to new markets, have led to an increase in profits that make the development and sustainability of the activity viable.

2021 has been a year of opportunities for our firm, despite finding ourselves in a very complex environment due to the implications and consequences of the global pandemic. Despite this, we have been able to grow, consolidate and successfully face the various challenges foreseen and others that have arisen as a result of our multiple activities.