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| 10/08/2021

Company I End of work by GRUPO314


We know how important and complex it is to rehabilitate a space to make it habitable, its reform to transform it or the creation of a new living space.. The entire generative process, from the initial concept until the work is finished and ready for the client to receive and make his own, is of vital importance so that the final result is optimal for all the parties involved in it.

Often, due attention is not paid to one of the most important moments in the culmination of the entire process: the delivery and receipt of the houses once they are finished. For GRUPO314, making this act an unforgettable experience is one of our dogmas of faith and seal of our company. 

Among the characteristics of a healthy home or within the wellness concept  is the possibility of regulating natural light (which should be as abundant as possible), air filtration systems with heat recovery (fresh air), water filtration-purification, water enrichment systems (for example with vitamin C), the use of non-toxic building materials (without VOCs emissions), the integration of aromatherapy systems, cooling underfloor heating, space dedicated to gym, etc.

We take care of all the interior details (interior setting, arrangement of elements, decoration, aromatherapy, ...). Cleaning and hygiene, following the strictest established protocols, is another of our hallmarks. We not only like to leave our mark on the interior of spaces. When the occasion allows it, we design a personalized experience in their surroundings: gardens with flowers and plants designed emotionally for our clients, elements of relaxation, landscaping, ...

Each space delivered by GRUPO314 becomes a complete sensory experience.