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| 23/07/2021

Company I Implementation of the Strategic Marketing Plan


Following the Marketing Plan prepared by the company, during this year a series of marketing elements have been designed and implemented that will help strengthen and position the GRUPO314 brand as a benchmark of elegance, timelessness and good work among our clients and followers.

Different elements have been designed to be used in our various fields of action.. Along with the drawing and sketching pencil, already incorporated into the catalog, a construction pencil has been added, following the same corporate image, and multipurpose stickers for various functions.

The pandemic situation forced the incorporation of a textile element for individual protection such as reusable approved masks. Short-sleeved T-shirts and other clothing belong to this same line of spreading our brand through work elements, as well as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

Finally, and more as elements of external diffusion, GRUPO314 has incorporated personalized cotton towels and soaps, both ecological to reinforce our concept of transmitting well-being. We have also created a corporate umbrella integrated into the most decorative line of our interventions.

And new additions will continue to occur.