Partnership  I  Escola LCI Barcelona and Grupo314: the successful symbiosis - 25cf3-02_GRUPO314_news_b.jpg

| 20/01/2021

Partnership I Escola LCI Barcelona and Grupo314: the successful symbiosis


GRUPO314 and the ESCOLA DE DISSENY LCI BARCELONA have just started a collaboration agreement to promote training and job placement for future design professionals.

The two organizations have the common objective of fostering and promoting the professionalization of design and thus establish beneficial synergies for both. LCI Barcelona is a center for higher artistic education in design founded in 1928 and is the first European campus of the international LCI EDUCATION network since 2013. It is focused on training in different design specialties such as fashion, interior, graphics, products, animation, video games and photography.

Thanks to the established agreement, GRUPO314 is integrated into the group of collaborating companies of LCI Barcelona and makes the necessary means and resources available to them so that design students can begin their career in the professional world with all the necessary guarantees and excellence.

GRUPO314 promotes internships with the philosophy of "on-the-job training". This methodology involves training of people in their job, training them in the skills, knowledge and competencies required to improve their own performance in their specific position. Collaboration with LCI Barcelona aims for people to gain experience in the practical application of the knowledge and / or subjects taught in the academic world during the course of their educational journey.