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| 30/11/2021

Trade Shows I PISCINA AND WELLNES BCN Global Aquatic Exhibition


The 2021 Edition of Piscina & Wellnes Barcelona Global Aquatic Exhibition took place at Fira Barcelona from November 29 to December 2. This was once again a sample of constant innovation aimed at the visualization and empowerment of the sector, as it already happened in 2019, coinciding with its 25th anniversary. How could it be otherwise, the firm's technical staff has visited it to learn about the latest innovations in the sector and thus be able to incorporate them into our renovation and new construction projects for outdoor and indoor swimming pools and SPAs.

It has been an edition still marked by the existing pandemic situation, but which has presented great novelties that cover aspects from the use of new decorative materials, the massive incorporation of ecology and efficiency in all manufacturing processes, treatments and control of water quality to efficient maintenance and upkeep solutions for hydraulic machinery, etc.

A highlight is that the 2021 edition has been developed in a new format, where physical and digital space complement each other. Four days dedicated to business, innovation and face-to-face contacts, and with a plus of international visibility and networking in a new and powerful digital platform.

The "Towards Zero Impact" initiative, consisting of a whole series of actions focused on reducing waste, saving resources and promoting sustainability throughout the event, is also worth mentioning. These actions have been carried out by the organization of the show itself and at the same time concrete proposals were made so that visitors, with small actions that are very easy to incorporate, become partners and co-responsible for making this meeting the most ecological and sustainable event possible.

Finally, it is worth highlighting the fact that a series of very innovative activities have been developed in the event's agenda in spreading experiences of a therapeutic nature, of corporal and spiritual well-being, relaxation and beauty treatments always related to the aquatic environment, which only reinforce our concept of continuous search for fully balanced living spaces and environments seeking comprehensive well-being in the health of our clients (mind, body and spirit).